Our Mukti 49 BP with 7-11 Store We Providing BP Gasoline and 7-11 Franchising Store

At our 7-11, we are proud to offer Bp Branded Gasoline, 7-11 CStore and enjoy fresh 7-11 Coffee. Our convenience stores & gas pumps are open 24/7 for your convenience. Since our inception in October 1, 2014, we’ve been providing top quality gasoline to the residence of Queens, Bronx & New York City. We’re proud to have been apart of this community for so long and to watch it grow. Today, we have a total of 9 locations in Queens and Bronx area. We will always be your reliable convenience, gasoline, and Deli! Our commitment provide a better services to our customers weather they come for coffee or gasoline.

Mukti 49 Petroleum Inc.

9949 Horace Harding Expwy,
Corona, New York 11368
Ph: 718-592-1247 Fax: 718-736-9004
Email: mukti49@muktipetroleum.com
Office Email: mukti@muktipetroleum.com