Our Mukti E 163rd BP Shop We Providing BP Gasoline, Convenience Store and Deli Fresh Food

At our Mukti 163 Shop, we are proud to offer Bp Branded Gasoline, Bp Shop CStore and enjoy fresh Law Coffee. Our convenience stores & gas pumps are open 24/7 for your convenience.Since our inception in March 2014, we’ve been providing top quality gasoline to the residence of Bronx & New York City. We’re proud to have been apart of this community for so long and to watch it grow. Today, we have a total of 8 locations in Queens and Bronx area. We will always be your reliable convenience, gasoline, and Deli! Our commitment provide a better services to our customers weather they come for coffee or gasoline.

Mukti E 163rd Petroleum Inc.

481 E 163rd Street,
Bronx, New York 10451
Ph: 718-402-9201 Fax: 718-736-9004
Email: mukti163@muktipetroleum.com
Office Email: mukti@muktipetroleum.com